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Who, why, where?

Who are we?

With a combined experience of more than 70 years in care environments, we have an acute insight into what it takes to deliver safe and professional services and ensure caring and supportive residential homes for all our service users. Family is our maxim and our vision is to create places which clients are proud to call home.


Clayton Bryce founded Valicity care services in 2017. Prior to this, he worked for Thanet Healthcare Ltd which focused on adults with a range of mental health concerns. Having gained experience of the care sector through this work, Clayton decided he wanted to focus on working with young people. He completed a degree in sociology and criminology, with a dissertation focused on the link between young people’s mental health and crime, particularly gang and knife crime. Clayton then lead a successful joint venture between Thanet Healthcare and a young people’s mental health organisation. It was this which confirmed his desire to create a new service which is focused on young people and Valicity was created.


Yousuf graduated from the University of Bristol in 2002 with a first class degree in International Development and Political Sciences. After graduation he secured a scholarship in regeneration with the Home Office as the first Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Executive within the South West. His achievements centred around identifying, managing and developing regeneration strategies within deprived inner-city wards throughout the largest region of the country. Individual schemes ranged from £500,000 to £15m with a total regional budget of £250m annually.

During his two-year tenure his contribution was the development of the application of property development within regeneration, targeting crime prevention and affordable housing strategies. After leaving the Home Office, during the housing market boom period, Yousuf utilised his international network and understanding of inner-city opportunities to secure a personal £40.5 million property portfolio.

Post recession Yusuf has developed a two- tier investment strategy, firstly focussing on minimising investment risk by acquiring and regenerating inner- city housing which secures public sector outcomes as an exit route. Secondly identifying a calculated high- risk strategy creating increased net profit opportunities through international multi- agency partnerships.

More recently, Yusuf has secured over £175m international investment to establish a private equity investment bank which aims to provide financing to the SME sector.

His vision is to mobilise deprived communities with financial investment and build capacity amongst marginalised entrepreneurs to increase the quality of life for the communities they serve.

Property Development.

Once a homeless person without any financial or emotional support, Harbinder faced many challenges. Since then he has created a personal portfolio in hospitality and property worth more than £25m. Currently, Harbinder is investing in Wales with the first 4-star business-hub hotel which acts as a conduit for aspiring entrepreneurs and young people. A £5m investment will see the very first tech led business hotel giving disadvantaged people an opportunity for social and economic development. Outside of work, being an active sportsman, Harbinder has continuously supported and worked with young people’s charities nationally to encourage ambition amongst deprived communities. His expertise in property development and entrepreneurship as well as his international network means Harbinder brings great value to his role on the board of Valicity.


Dr Jack Darby’s difficult start in life ignited a passion to help those who have experienced hardship through no fault of their own. He has combined his medical degree, sport science degree and personal training and nutrition background to help people reclaim their health. He believes that if you make a health intervention as engaging to use as social media or a smartphone, you change the world. He has been using his expertise in cognitive behavioural science, coupled with data and analytics to not only arm people with the tools they need to change their lives, but how to make it a lifelong habit and help people understand the unique blend of factors driving their health. At the start of the pandemic, predicting that millions of people were going to be made unemployed and being forced to start a business but not knowing how to do it, he set up a business incubator that helps people to grow their dream business into a reality.

He will be utilising his knowledge and scientific eye to bring further innovation to Valicity, while providing holistic support packages for our residents which can be delivered by our seasoned in house teams.

Diversity & Inculsion

Rizwan is one of our youngest non-executive board members and has a successful career within one of the largest construction consultancy organisations in the world, Mace Group.

At a very early age Rizwan had a keen interest in construction and engineering but faced many obstacles through society to achieve his potential earlier. However, this did not stop Rizwan and today he is not only involved in iconic projects but is also successfully helping others to achieve their potential through various grassroot initiatives to empower youngsters from many diverse backgrounds.
After successfully graduating from the University of Wolverhampton with a first-class degree in Building surveying, his expertise ranges from Building Surveying, Project Management, Cost/Commercial Consultancy and Procurement Management. Alongside this, Rizwan volunteers in community centres, youth work, STEM initiatives and career workshops in areas that are known for being underprivileged.

Why now?

Through my experience working in the Adult Social care sector, I found there was a limit to the success and the outcomes that are achievable. The decline in opportunities for young people from deprived backgrounds motivated me to have a focus on working and supporting young people. We have the view to tackle issues such as violent crime, addiction, undiagnosed mental health issues, homelessness and the raft of other obstacles that are faced by young people in todays society. – Founder Clayton Bryce BSC


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt 


What next?

After 3 years of development, we are proud to announce the opening of Shiloh House which is an Ofsted registered purpose built building that supports children with various behavioural concerns. Valicity is currently expanding its services across the country to include Croydon, West Sussex, Luton & Hammersmith & Fulham and will be supporting young people and families right across the country. The answer to young peoples problems doesn’t just lie in finding them accommodation, there is far more that needs to be done. With this in mind Valicity is partnering with various organisations across the country, to implement supplementary and special needs education services and also bringing back community and youth centres.


Action is the foundational key to all success” –  Pablo Picasso