We’re tired of empty promises. We’re tired of witnessing people being failed by the system. We’re tired of seeing young people trapped in cycles of abandonment and apathy.

This is social care with a difference. This is about enabling better futures for young people for whom the current care system fails to deliver.

Everybody deserves access to opportunity regardless of their start in life. Valicity is a tailored network of support and a culture of ambition, self-belief and opportunity.

Partnering with local authorities to provide residential homes and
semi-independent living, Valicity is the product of people that actually care, providing mentorship, networks and hands-on support in assisting those in their care to create bright and independent futures.


We believe that positive outcomes are best achieved when individuals feel valued and respected.

It’s not about empty promises.

It’s not about doing the bare minimum.

It’s about lives.

It’s about actually caring.

To create a trauma informed organisation which provides a service that focuses on the best interests of children & adolescents in local government care and beyond. We use a holistic relational and trauma centred approach via the provision of both in-house and out reach services to meet the needs of all our service users.

To support adults with enduring mental health concerns to live happy and fulfilling lives reintegrate them back into society.

To empower children & adolescents with the ability to create positive habits and routines to achieve their full potential.

To create a space where young people are able to build meaningful relationships with their key workers using relational approaches and allow them to build a sense of identity.

Our ultimate goal is to help all our service users achieve a brighter future.


We partner with a variety of organisations to ensure our residents are appropriately set up for an independent future.


Here at Valicity Care Services we unequivocally prioritise the safety, well-being, and dignity of all individuals, especially children, young people, and adults at risk, within our care. We are resolute in our stance against any form of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Our commitment extends to ensuring that every part of our operations adheres to best practices in safeguarding. We expect and mandate that all our people uphold and reinforce this commitment at all times. We ensure this by having comprehensive policies, procedures, and training which operationalise this commitment throughout all levels of our organisation.