Increasing funding

Tomorrow the country takes to the polls to decide who should govern. There are many issues facing the nation as we decide who to vote for. At Vailcity we have been considering what we would like to see in political parties’ manifestos, to improve not just social care but society more widely. So far we have shared two of our three asks, today we share our last one.

It is a common ask, almost all public services ask for this but we strongly believe without it we are facing a national crisis. Social care desperately needs more funding. We spent £16.1 billion in 2018/19 on social care in England. Since the spending peak in 2010/2011, £7.7 billion has been saved through austerity. These savings are not sustainable and investment has to be made back into the services that so many children, adults and older people across the country need.

At the moment the lack of social care means that many people end up ‘bed blocking’ – staying in a hospital bed that they do not need but they are unable to move on from as there is no suitable accommodation or care in the community. A hospital stay on average costs around £222 per day.

Alternatively, in a desperate bid to free up a bed, people are sent to unsuitable accommodation. This then often ends up breaking down, causing more harm to the person (and stress to their loved ones) and inevitably another hospital stay. To avoid this vicious circle, we need to increase funding. It is a false economy not to.


Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

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