We’re all adjusting to life under ‘lock down’ to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but what is life like for those living with mental health conditions in care homes? Clayton Bryce, founder of Valicity, explains.

On the whole, our residents are affected in the same way as everyone else. They can’t go to the places they usually would – their education or work. They can’t socialise with friends and family. They can’t go to their places of worship. Instead we are all at home together. We’ve been coming up with ways to keep ourselves entertained together, like our movie nights, and ways to support each other under such difficult circumstances.

But of course, our residents are all able to make their own decisions about going out for their daily exercise and anything else they want to do. We share the government advice with them but they can do as they please. Our focus is on making sure that those who leave the home know how to protect their fellow residents when they return home but removing clothes and washing, having a shower and making sure that any surfaces they touch before they are able to wash their hands are cleaned.

We have a brilliant team of staff at each of our homes who are putting themselves and their families at risk every time they come to work. They have continued to be as dedicated and caring as ever. We are very proud of them and thankful to them. Each member of staff has been trained in how to make sure they reduce the risk of bringing the virus into the home and vice versa for when they return home. Our experience has been that our commissioners and local NHS teams have been great at making sure we have the personal protective equipment we all need.

Like everyone else, we are getting used to life under these strange circumstances. Most importantly we’re working hard to keep everyone in our homes safe and well.


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