Innovation is at the heart of Valicity Care Services service provision and it’s activities for residents and service users.

On this occasion, it was a series of workshops held at an internationally recocognised gallery Artz-i, based in Bradford. With a group of young people from the three Valicity Care Services homes in the area getting the chance to express themselves.

With plenty of space to get creative, the young people and their carers were free to commit paint to paper in any way they felt appropriate. Nothing was expected, just an opportunity for a change of scenery, to relax, unwind and a chance to connect over brush and easel.

Further details about this particular series of workshops and some of the other schemes that Valicity Care Services offers can be found by visiting our news updates section on the website.

Pic showing some of the workshop participants and their carers
Pic showing participants at the workshop creating art
Pic showing someone showing off their artwork
Pic showing some of the artwork created
Pic showing someone creating some art during the workshop
Pic showing some artwork created during the workshop
Pic showing some artwork created during the workshop

It’s about trying different activities, all with the goal to engage and support the young people in our care. The invaluable support from the local community enables events like these to flourish.  

Clayton Bryce

Owner and Founder, Valicity Care Services

Are you interested in getting involved and supporting some local young people most in need? To discuss any of the schemes, initiatives or services that we offer, contact Clayton at .


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